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About us

Papillon means “Butterfly” in French and just like the butterfly transforms from cocoon into a symbol of beauty, inspiration and desire – it is our wish that these products, and being a distributor selling these products, will have the same liberating effect on your finances and be of great value to you and the community that you live in. We have spent a great amount of time developing products that we believe are of such high quality and value that it will make selling both easy and very lucrative for distributors. We have imported only fine fragrance compounds of the highest quality and longevity to ensure that our perfumes are comparable to yet on average five times less expensive than the original fragrance it was inspired by.

At Papillon we are convinced that all women, and increasingly men, would like to wear perfume on a daily basis and that perfume is no longer a luxury item but a necessity. The sad reality is that most people, even the rich, find the price of original fragrances, ranging between R300 and R3,000 per 30ml, beyond their means.

Why sell Papillon perfume and products?

  • Huge Market – with potential customers from all demographics (age, sex, education level, income level and race)
  • Excellent Value Proposition – original branded perfume and skincare products have become unaffordable due to the weakening of the rand, inflation and the increase of luxury goods tax. Our products are on average 5 times less expensive than original branded products but of comparable quality.
  • Top quality – we only source the highest quality compounds for all our products.
  • Our products are easy to sell anyone can be a distributor.
  • Excellent profits and vary depending on the products ordered.
  • Flexibility of our business model – low startup costs: for as little as R150 (incl.VAT and delivery, Nationally only) for Startup kits, you can:
    • Be your own boss
    • On your own time: Part-time of full-time
    • No complicated demotion rules
    • Decide how big or small you want the opportunity to be – the sky is the limit!
  • Free access to personalised marketing material and designs to promote your business.


What our Distributors say

Papillon has changed my life financially I am able to pay the bills and keep the roof over our heads.
Tanya - Brakpan

I started using f44 Victrix that i bought from a Papillon Distributor and I liked it.  Papillon explained telephonically to me how to sell and here I am today as a distributor. My customers like it and especially on male side ,they’re buying. I keep on trying to grow the business. Thank you Papillon.
Thulisile - Hoedspruit

Last year I placed my myself under debt review as I was struggling financially and unable to pay my debt in time. Even after I was under debt review I was still having challenges of paying things like school fees and school transport in time, but ever since I’ve started selling Papillon I was able to bring my child’s school fees up to date and pay her school transport in time and with the extra money I earn from Papillon I am able to pay an extra amount on my account helping my debt administrator reduce the amount I owe on my account. I am now able to spoil myself by going to the movies and eating lunch which is something I couldn’t do before.
Nini - Westonaria

I’ve never gone broke since I joined Papillon. I’ve learned so much, like to be encourageing every day to all I meet, because you never know who is having a hard day.
Ayanda - Mtubatuba

As a single mum of three girls and unemployed, Papillon has changed my life amazingly because I’m able to pay my kids school fees, pay my monthly bills and take care of me aswell.  For the past two year that I’ve been a Papillon distributor life has become so easy for me.  I don’t regret being a member of the Papillon family…Thumbs up
Theresa - Meseru

Papillon helped me to connect with a variety of people and to get to know new people.
Jolande - Piet Retief

For those wanting to start their own venture, why not become a Papillon distributor. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your own small business. Papillon has given us an ideal opportunity to earn extra money, so can you.
Nikki - Sandton

When I started distributing Papillon perfume I was unemployed due to our factory that I used to work for being shut down.  The only source of income by that time was our monthly grant which was not enough to support my family of five.  We used to struggle so much until I was introduced to Papillon.  I borrowed money to be able to buy the Papillon tester kit and stock.  Truly speaking I had second thoughts about borrowing the money.  I took the risk and look at me now!
Do you know that my Papillon money is paying our bills and expenses like my children’s school fees.   I’m even saving money each and every month so that when they complete their matric they can be able to further their studies.  I know how hard it is to complete matric and not to be able to further your studies.  All I want for my children is a better and brighter future and thanks to Papillon I can build my children a better future.  We all know education is the key to success and I don’t want my children to end up being like me.
Thulani - Vryheid

I joined Papillon as I am passionate about good quality perfumes.  It is the perfect opportunity to make extra money for my family and be a stay at home Mom. This is a top quality product and I sell it will pride. The extra money I make contributes to my husband’s salary for those extras for my two boys. Currently saving for their 1st and 4th birthday party. Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing team.
Cindy - Lephalale

What a journey it has been, that has changed my life in so many beautifully inspiring ways.  Before I joined Papillon I would work extra shifts and weekend work to make extra cash and other ends meet (my part-time tuition fees), thus making it difficult for me to see my family and have quality time with them. This soon became demoralizing to an individual like me because I’m extremely family orientated and it broke my heart to be away, WORKING on weekends. Thank you Papillon for the freedom that goes beyond my finances, I’m a much happier individual because I can work from the comfort of my home over weekends. I can now attend weekend events, I have attached a photo of myself from this past weekend in Kloof for a cousin’s wedding! HALALA PAPILLON HALALA!!!!!!!!!
Bongi - Johannesburg

Papillon has done two good things to me. Firstly I’m able to support my family with the extra cash that I make and secondly, Papillon has been another way for my customers and myself to save money by getting very good perfumes at a lower price. I believe that anyone will embrace the opportunity of cutting down on monthly expenses and guess what? Papillon helps me to DO JUST THAT. I call Papillon a “DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY” because I can MAKE some extra cash and SAVE money at the same time. Amazingly, Papillon has sharpened my business skills.Thank you Papillon for this opportunity!
Angel - Johannesburg

Papillon created a platform for me to obtain financial independence to supplement my current income. Since last year when I joined this great company, I managed to save lucrative profits out of the sales I made as its products  are easy to sell because they are affordable. I’ve paid cruise fees for this coming December for me and my husband, it will be our  first time to cruise to thePortugese Islands.

I urge all those who struggle to survive to join Papillon and sell it’s affordable products and make other income.


Marethabile - Maseru, Lesotho

I have been unemployed for a while and I have been looking for something to do to help me financially. There are many different companies promising financial freedom but none appealed to me like Papillon. Fast reliable and easy to sell. People just love the products. My days of financial strain are over! What can I say? I wish I had known about this company earlier. Thank you Papillon for giving me back my dignity.
Sylvia - Kgatleng Botswana

Papillon is  a life changer. My husband was unemployed for  2 years , but through Papillon our bills were payable. Thank you.
Kitty - Klerksdorp

Papillon business really saved my family. I was able to care for my children and wife while she was sick.
Eric - Phalaborwa

I’m a qualified Engineer and selling Papillon. It’s given me a financial boost as far as paying for my expenses.
Reginald - Pretoria

I started as a Papillon Agnet right after I unexpectedly lost my job and all my income at the end of November in 2014. Since that day being an agent at Papillon has absolutely been my lifeline! I have been in many positions where I desperately needed to earn an extra income in order to survive the month seeing as there always seems to be an unexpected expense and Papillon has made it possible for me to pay my expenses and also earn an income for those extra things that I couldn’t afford.
Stephanie - Boksburg

Papillon has made a huge difference in my life since I’m unemployed.  I’ve managed to help my family financially and helped me to pay for my son’s aftercare.
Mase - Klerksdorp

Papillon has helped me to do business at my own pace and to interact with different people whom I get to share business ideas and social life skills with.
Kebafentse - Francistown

I now have control over my financial issues, no more unnecesary loans.  I have extra cash now thanks to Papillon.
Mbalenhle - Sebokeng

I’m a single mother of two.  In an economy full of unemployment Papillon helps me provide for my children and helps put food on the table.  Thanks to Papillon my daughter can now afford maths lessons and my son can finally get that pair of soccer boots he’s been wanting.
Judith - Sowetho

Papillon gives me the opportunity to manage my own mini business as a student. The income I generate from each sale contributes to my savings account for my future.
Ilanie - Pretoria

I started selling Papillon for extra cash.  The extra money I make helps me on a daily basis and to pay expenses that we do not budget for, like extramural activities for my children.   Thanks Papillon, I do not regret joining
Angeline - Pretoria

Hi my name is Mamorena, I joined Papillon last year,at the time I was running my own business so for me it was easy to distribute the product, but my business did not make it.  The amazing thing is that I still had Papillon to fall back to.  I am a mother of two and my partner and I just bought a house with bills to pay.  With me being unemployed it was tough but as a Papillon distributor, it became a blessing because now I can help my partner with some of the bills in the house.  I am so glad that I became a Papillon distributor, I really love the products thank you………!Papillon.
Mamorena - Randfontein

I started selling Papillon perfumes around October 2015 and haven’t looked back since then. Being a full-time government employee, I’ve always felt my income wasn’t enough to cater for my extended family members, so I wanted some business to supplement my income. I had sold a lot of products in my lifetime with little success. Since I started selling Papillon perfumes I have been able to open a separate savings account and I am happy to see the balance increasing every month. The profit is really good. Thank you so much Papillon you are really amazing.
Thulile - Mbabane, Swaziland

I’ m unemployed, Papillon gives me the opportunity to manage my small business. The money that I make help me to pay my bills, thanks Pappilon with the good quality that we are selling to our customers.
Mamosetsana - Klerksdorp

I started selling Papillon after seeing it on Facebook cos I ws financially struggling needed little extra cash to balance especially for my kids intertainment now I’m never broke thanx to papillon.
Phindile - Boksburg

The extra cash i earn from selling Papillon Products helps me to do some things in my family, such as paying school fees for my kids.
Mathuso - Maseru, Lesotho

I joined Papillon this year in February and have never looked back. When I started I was not sure whether I was going to manage the business well. I love perfumes and I prefer to self a product that I do not need to work hard in convincing clients to buy. Selling Papillon has been easy as the brand sells itself. The team behind the Papillon knows how to hit the notes.  I wear any number and I am guaranteed that I will get orders. Since I became an agent, I never ran short of funds. While I understand that it is a small business, butthe returns are very remarkable. Papillon came through when I had a problem with my car. I had to spend about R5000 on renting a car while mine was being fixed. I did this out of my Papillon savings. If you really want to supplement your salary, Papillon s is the way to go. Do I regret joining the Papillon team? No!. I enjoy selling these perfumes. Today I am a perfume fundi, thanks to Papillon!!!
Phetho - Cape Town

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