Does the significant man in your home and/or life pay attention to his skin, its care, health, and appearance, or is he strictly a soap and water man, perhaps with the addition of a shampoo, shaving foam, and deodorant?

Misperceptions about Male Skincare

Does he believe that men, true men, actually don’t even wear deodorant, let alone use skincare products? Perhaps he says that it takes too much time to attend to skin care on a daily basis, because he’s a busy man with places to go and things to do.

Or, are his objections based on the notoriously high prices that are typically charged for widely advertised, big brand male skincare products? Is this a myth or do these habits, perceptions, and opinions describe the views held by your man? Is it difficult to get him to pay attention to a skincare routine?

More Male Skincare Myths

  • Men simply don’t care about their skin or their appearance.
  • Males aren’t concerned about visible signs of ageing, which they think of as women’s worries.
  • They don’t like spending money on skincare products or grooming aids. Just being clean and comfortable is good enough for men.
  • All men visit barbers, not professional hairstylists.
  • Men don’t undergo cosmetic surgery procedures in the battle to remain youthful, with a youthful and toned skin and body.
  • The male of the species does not visit a beauty salon.

The Truth of the Mater

 In fact, all the myths listed directly above are just that – myths, quite different from the opinions, behaviour, and habits of modern men in the 21st century. The truth is that:

  • Modern men care a great deal about their overall health, as well as their skin’s healthy appearance.
  • They might not make a song and dance about ageing, but they are actually very aware of signs of ageing, especially because males are very competitive amongst themselves, physically and in the workplace, as well as on the sports field.
  • No one, male or female, likes paying lots of money for anything if they can pay less for the quality they require. Nevertheless, men are spending enormous sums of money on skincare products that are reputed to be designed for males and personal grooming products.
  • Increasing numbers of men have their hair styled, cut, tinted, highlighted, and trimmed at hairdressing salons, where they happily sit alongside ladies.
  • Men do undergo cosmetic procedures.
  • Beauty salon procedures and treatments that are popular among males include waxing, plucking, tweezing, facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

At Papillon, we offer South African men (and you – the man’s partner, daughter, mother, or sister) a great solution to male skincare objections and myths. Our range of effective, mild skincare products is perfectly suitable for males and females.

The formulations of our five super skincare products are rich with herbal ingredients that efficiently cleanse, tone, moisturise, feed, and exfoliate both male and female facial skin. Papillon’s special skin brightener is an additional skincare boost.

Papillon skincare products are also very well received by males who don’t believe in typical male skincare myths, but are seeking more affordable, yet top-quality skincare products as an alternative to paying exorbitant prices for imported male skincare formulations.

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