Skincare Solutions Containing Natural Ingredients

Buyers of consumer goods frequently tend to be brand loyal, which is a tendency that’s great for the brand stockist and manufacturer. However, this admirable loyalty isn’t necessarily a lifelong habit; people change their minds, brands and perceptions.

Perceptions vs Facts

Perceptions are extremely powerful, so much so that people may be convinced that their perceptions represent the truth. However, when presented with facts, such as products’ active ingredients, the self-same people quickly become converts to new alternatives, especially if they’re more affordably priced.

Coping with Costs

Should your brand loyalty include your pick of expensive skincare products, you may be feeling the pinch somewhat in South Africa these days. Affording imported goods, while coping with an increasing cost of living may not be achievable.

Change on the Cards

Alternatives are on the cards. Take note of each formulation’s ingredients, and compare these with the natural ingredients incorporated in Papillon’s collection of essential skincare products, factor in the massive price differential, and you’ll soon become a convert too, just as increasing numbers of discriminating South African girls and guys have done.

Focus on Ingredients

 The active, natural ingredients contained in our skincare products were specifically selected because of their proven efficacy on human skin – nurturing your skin softly, gently and naturally. Our range consists of five basic, essential skincare formulations – our face wash, facial scrub, toner, and day and night creams – and a treatment product – our skin brightening cream. Some, but by no means all the natural ingredients contained in our skincare products are named below:

  • Myrrh oil – it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-ageing, antimicrobial, and antifungal ingredient, which moisturises, soothes, and heals the skin, as well as aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation marks. Myrrh oil is incorporated into our skin brightening cream.
  • Rosemary leaf extract – it is an antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredient that conditions the skin and is used in all our skin solutions.
  • Green tea – it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-ageing ingredient, which improves complexion, reduces puffiness, and tones and promotes healthy, radiant skin. It’s a key ingredient in our face wash, toner and skin brightening cream.
  • Sweet almond oil – it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and hypoallergenic ingredient, which soothes, smooths, heals, reduces fine lines, nourishes and moisturises the skin, and is used in both our day and night creams.
  • Shea butter – an ingredient found in our brightening and night creams that moisturise, is anti-inflammatory, heals, treats dry skin, regenerates, repairs, boosts collagen production, and protects the skin.
  • Chamomile – this is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal ingredient. It soothes the skin and is used in our gentle face wash.
  • Lavender flower oil – it is a skin brightening, healing, antioxidant, anti-ageing, and antifungal ingredient, and is used in our facial scrub and face wash.

Papillon’s skincare products contain many more active, natural ingredients, so that each is effective, yet mild on delicate facial skin. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a Starter Pack of a 15ml-sized face wash, scrub, toner, and day and night cream – the ideal, cost-effective way to try your new alternative skincare regimen.

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