Tester Kit – “Business in a box”

Tester kits currently cost R700 and consist of the following:

  • A stylish silver cosmetic case,
  • A product info guide/fragrance list
  • Sixty Nine (69) – atomizers/testers (5ml, content +/- 4ml each) – the sixty nine (69) fragrances have been carefully selected based on market research (locally and internationally), popularity and seasonality. Replacement cost R10 each
  • +/- Fifty (50) anonymous business cards that distributors can populate with their details and use to promote their business & ensure that customers contact them for repeat orders. It is important to note that this is a word-of-mouth product (the quality and value proposition therefore sells the product).  Replacement cost R1,25 each
  • An order/receipt book (for all distributor to customer sales) Replacement cost R50 each
  • One (1) branded pen to record orders and complete application form with.  Replacement cost R3 each
  • One (1) book of 100 smelling strips – if customers don’t want to test fragrances on their skin.  Replacement cost R20 each
  • Container with coffee beans – for customers to neutralize their sense of smell when testing different fragrances.  Replacement cost R5 each

**All prices include VAT and is subject to change.

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