Become a Papillon Distributor

How do you make money?

  • Excellent profit potential (depending on the order size).
  • Affordable selling price to end customers.
  • Delivery charges apply, but decreases on an invoice value sliding scale.
  • For more info read our information pack.

Register in 3 easy steps

Step 1 Register as a Distributor, by completing the online Application form. Step 2 Choose your Starter pack option. Step 3 Pay for your Starter pack and you’re in business! In the case of a salon, pharmacy or any other retail environment – Display units are available, for more info email


“When I started distributing Papillon perfume I was unemployed.  Now, the money I make from selling Papillon is paying our bills and expenses like my children’s school fees. All I want for my children is a better and brighter future and thanks to Papillon I can build my children a better future.”


“For those wanting to start their own venture, why not become a Papillon distributor. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your own small business. Papillon has given us an ideal opportunity to earn extra money, so can you.”


“Selling Papillon is the perfect opportunity to make extra money for my family and be a stay at home Mom. This is a top quality product and I sell it will pride.”


“I was running my own business so for me it was easy to distribute the product, but my business did not make it.  The amazing thing is that I still had Papillon to fall back to.  Papillon is a blessing because we’ve bought a new house and now I can help my partner with some of the bills.”


“Being a full-time government employee, I’ve always felt my income wasn’t enough so I wanted to supplement my income. Since I started selling Papillon I’ve been able to open a separate savings account and I’m happy to see the balance increasing every month”


“Before I joined Papillon I worked extra shifts and weekends to make ends meet (my part-time tuition fees), thus making it difficult to spend quality time with my family. Thank you Papillon for the freedom that goes beyond my finances, I’m a much happier individual because I can work from the comfort of my home over weekends.”

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