Papillon brings you perfumes inspired by popular fragrances from around the world. Our perfumes only contain compounds of superior quality and longevity at affordable prices. Now you can wear your favourite perfume as an accessory.

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Papillon means “Butterfly” in French and just like a butterfly transforms from cocoon in to a symbol of beauty, inspiration and desire – it is our wish that this product and being a distributor selling this product, will have the same liberating effect on you and your finances.

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Our fragrance selection has been inspired by top-selling international brands. All 69 Papillon fragrances have been produced in South Africa, using only the purest European perfume oils of superior quality.

For those wanting to start their own venture, why not become a Papillon distributor. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your own small business. Papillon has given us an ideal opportunity to earn extra money, so can you.


When I started distributing Papillon perfume I was unemployed due to our factory that I used to work for being shut down.  The only source of income by that time was our monthly grant which was not enough to support my family of five.  We used to struggle so much until I was introduced to Papillon.  I borrowed money to be able to buy the Papillon tester kit and stock.  Truly speaking I had second thoughts about borrowing the money.  I took the risk and look at me now!

Do you know that my Papillon money is paying our bills and expenses like my children’s school fees.  I’m even saving money each and every month so that when they complete their matric they can be able to further their studies.  I know how hard it is to complete matric and not to be able to further your studies.  All I want for my children is a better and brighter future and thanks to Papillon I can build my children a better future.  We all know education is the key to success and I don’t want my children to end up being like me.


I joined the Papillon team and in a short period, it made a huge difference in my life.  Within 20 days of registering, I placed my first order of 40 bottles and I used the money I made to pay my debt and even took my wife out after a while of not having enough cash.

By the way, I got sick and I could even see a private  doctor without borrowing money.  Being part of Papillon helps me to dream again and to plan for the future.

I’ve tried allot of things to sell in my life but I failed, but with Papillon there is a future.  The future is in my hands now.  I am looking forward to being a Papillon member and would like to thank Yolanda Botha for the time and motivation she gave me, really without her I will still be in the dark.

Thanks again and thanks a lot!


I’m a single mother of two.  In an economy full of unemployment Papillon helps me provide for my children and helps put food on the table.  Thanks to Papillon my daughter can now afford maths lessons and my son can finally get that pair of soccer boots he’s been wanting.


The extra cash I earn from selling Papillon products helps me save for a trip to Mauritius with my family.


I started selling Papillon products to help me save for my overseas trip and to fund my hobbies.


Papillon is my way my life!  My son is struggling with mathematics so I decided to join Papillon to earn extra cash to pay for extra classes.  It helped me so much, I love Papillon!


Papillon gives me the opportunity to manage my own mini business as a student. The income I generate from each sale contributes to my savings account for my future.


I started selling Papillon for extra cash.  The extra money I make helps me on a daily basis and to pay expenses that we do not budget for, like extramural activities for my children.  Thanks Papillon, I do not regret joining.


I joined Papillon as I am passionate about good quality perfumes.  It is the perfect opportunity to make extra money for my family and be a stay at home Mom. This is a top quality product and I sell it will pride. The extra money I make contributes to my husband’s salary for those extras for my two boys. Currently saving for their 1st and 4th birthday party. Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing team.


What a journey it has been, that has changed my life in so many beautifully inspiring ways.  Before I joined Papillon I would work extra shifts and weekend work to make extra cash and other ends meet (my part-time tuition fees), thus making it difficult for me to see my family and have quality time with them. This soon became demoralizing to an individual like me because I’m extremely family orientated and it broke my heart to be away, WORKING on weekends.

Thank you Papillon for the freedom that goes beyond my finances, I’m a much happier individual because I can work from the comfort of my home over weekends. I can now attend weekend events, I have attached a photo of myself from this past weekend in Kloof for a cousin’s wedding! HALALA PAPILLON HALALA!!!!!!!!!


Papillon has done two good things to me. Firstly I’m able to support my family with the extra cash that I make and secondly, Papillon has been another way for my customers and myself to save money by getting very good perfumes at a lower price. I believe that anyone will embrace the opportunity of cutting down on monthly expenses and guess what? Papillon helps me to DO JUST THAT. I call Papillon a “DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY” because I can MAKE some extra cash and SAVE money at the same time. Amazingly, Papillon has sharpened my business skills.Thank you Papillon for this opportunity!


It’s been quite an experience being part of the Papillon family. Much as I wanted a sustainable business I needed an income to match these challenging and trying times in this country of ours – South Africa.
Papillon broadens the scope and the pool of association. You brush shoulders with all people across the entire spectrum of race, religion, creed and beliefs.

I’m going to be growing my team and create opportunities for other people who are unemployed and need an additional income.

From the first day I received my Tester kit, I just felt great and wanted to run with the product because the Product Chart, the Poster, is so professionally designed and eye-catching. You cannot ignore the beauty in the picture on Papillon advert, it is exhilarating and it’s a wow!  The Aroma in these Fragrances is a smell your nostrils enjoy inhaling!
Diligence and tenacity make Papillon’s footprint!
I’m here to stay. . .  Halalaaa Papillon Halalaaa!


To be a Papillon distributor is beneficial to me and the whole nation at large.  The profit I make is not only to keep the business growing but it is also helping the unemployed youth of Namibia.  The whole idea is to create more job opportunities for our youth and to help eradicate poverty.


Since I started Papillon last year 2015 I managed to pay all my debt that I had with extra cash.  Now I’m saving to buy myself a car.  Papillon is my way to success.


Hi my name is Mamorena, I joined Papillon last year,at the time I was running my own business so for me it was easy to distribute the product, but my business did not make it.  The amazing thing is that I still had Papillon to fall back to.  I am a mother of two and my partner and I just bought a house with bills to pay.  With me being unemployed it was tough but as a Papillon distributor, it became a blessing because now I can help my partner with some of the bills in the house.  I am so glad that I became a Papillon distributor, I really love the products thank you………!Papillon.


I started selling Papillon perfumes around October 2015 and haven’t looked back since then. Being a full-time government employee, I’ve always felt my income wasn’t enough to cater for my extended family members, so I wanted some business to supplement my income. I had sold a lot of products in my lifetime with little success. Since I started selling Papillon perfumes I have been able to open a separate savings account and I am happy to see the balance increasing every month. The profit is really good. Thank you so much Papillon you are really amazing.



Earn between R60 and R80 per 30ml product sold, depending on your order size.

Follow these easy steps to start earning extra cash.

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